Continuation support in Scala, call/cc, goto, etc

Can someone help me understand what I need to do to get access to continuations as described in this blog post by Rich Dougherty
Do I need to wait for some future Scala release? Or do I just need to add something in my .sbt file?

Hi. You may want to take a look at

HI Azolotko, are you suggesting that I need to git clone that repo and include it in all my my project in order to have access to continuations?

No – as with nearly all libraries, you should pull it in with, eg, Maven, using the sbt invocation shown here.

Note that that is Scaladex, IMO the most important site in the Scala ecosystem: a searchable index of most public Scala libraries, their documentation, their GitHub repos and how to pull them in via sbt. I strongly recommend bookmarking it – I often use it several times a day…

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