Compile at Runtime using Run to specified folder

Hello People, I am not finding any solution to my Problem in the Documentation. I am compiling scala code at runtime using a global.Run . However it is compiling to the root of my project. I want to specify the folder to which my .class files are compiled to.

// Define a Run. A Run is an execution of the scala compiler.
val global = new Global(settings)
val run = new global.Run

// Compile exported code and the simulator that uses it
Log.trace("Compiling", this.getClass.getName)
run.compile(List("src/main/resources/scala/Simulator.scala", this.path.resolve("scalaExec.scala").toString))`


val settings = new Settings
val global = new Global(settings)

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Hi, I have a related question in the Scala 3 environs, would be great to have some input on that.