Collapsed "if" loops

Hi all,

i’m trying to reproduce the collapsed “if” loops in Scala.

This is what I mean:

Collapsed “if” loop, at least as I’m tryng to reproduce the Java one:

val length : Int = 1;
val s : String = “s”;
return (length == s.length()) ? length : (length + 1);

But, using scala I get this error:

error: identifier expected but integer literal found.
return (length == s.length()) ? length : (length + 1);

So, please whch is the correct syntax of the collapsed “if” loop in scala?

Thank you.

scala has no “? :” statement IMO.
you will use the if (…) else (…) syntax instead.


You also appear to be doing a while loop here.

return if (length == s.length()) length else length + 1
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On latest Scala,

scala> def f: Any = return (length == s.length()) ? length : (length + 1)
       error: not found: type +
       error: value ? is not a member of Boolean

because it parses as

def f: Any = return (length.$eq$eq(s.length()).$qmark(length): $plus[length, 1.type])

You do not need the return. You can let the code evaluate the expressions.

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