Class member annotations in macro annotation 2.12


I have a question regarding Macro Annotation in Scala 2.12

We have been using macro annotation to expand the companion object of a case class based on the annotations (scala.annotation.StaticAnnotation) of members of said case class.

For example,

case class(@NeedAuth id: String)

will result in codes related to authentication code template added for methods that are related to “id” in the companion object

This works well so far in Scala 2.11.12

We have recently tried to move to 2.12 and found that this does not seem to work anymore… The annotations appear to not be there when the macro is running.

I have modified the macro paradise example to demonstrate this in

Please let me know if anyone has any comments or suggestions on how to make this work in 2.12, or whether something may be wrong.

Thanks a lot!