Case class bean mapping

What is best way to map case classes in scala and doing some conversion of fields while building the target case class object?

It’s like Beancopy similar to Java across different type of case classes where we may need to customize some data before setting to the target object.

It may just be me, but I have no idea what exactly this question is about. Adding some detail and/or an example scenario to your question probably would help you getting answers.


This formulation limits the field of potential respondents to those who know Java Beancopy, whatever that is. I’d suggest (again) to explain your problem in detail and show a sample instance thereof. So far, you may just be looking for case class #copy(), you may have a use case for lenses/optics, or something completely different, who knows…

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Agreed. Remember, this is a forum full of folks who know Scala well, but many of us haven’t used Java in decades, if at all. So you really need to provide more detail about what you’re looking for, in order to get helpful answers.

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Maybe you are looking for something like chimney