Can Scala receive a heartbeat from a robotic arm?

Hi all, how are you?

I have a technical doubt regarding a robotics project.

We are developing a robotic arm with a Jaka MiniCobo model (Jaka Robotics company). This arm will follow a sequence, activated by a motion sensor or by Scala application (a tablet with touchscreen botton, for example).

We need to find a way to verify that the robotic arm is working correctly, according to the sequence.

My doubt is:

-Can we manage (through Scala) to receive a correct working heartbeat from the robotic arm?
-Can we receive an error message at our Content Manager, in case the robotic arm stops working?

Thank you guys!!

The question isn’t actually answerable – it’s a category error.

Scala is just a programming language: it can do everything that is allowed by its environment, and nothing that isn’t.

So the real question you need to be looking into is whether the hardware permits those signals to be sent to the machine where the Scala application is running, and whether the operating systems (of both the arm and the tablet) all permit everything to route properly.

Odds are that the answer is yes, provided that the arm can send signals back to the tablet, but those are the sorts of questions you need to be investigating – you need a pathway from the arm to the tablet, and thence to the JVM that Scala is running in. (Assuming it’s in the JVM; if it’s Scala Native, that layer may not be needed.) If the signals can get through, then Scala can do things with them; if not, not.

Note that all of the above is completely the same regardless of what language you are using: the fact that the application is written in Scala is mostly irrelevant.

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