Call a deferred inline from a macro when a stable path is known?

I have a inline object to a quote that implements a deferred inline. If I reference this object directly in a quote: No problem. If I try to pass the object in then I get a “deferred inline method cannot be invoked” error. Which, makes sense if the object is referenced only via the trait but I thought this would be inlined. Much like the line above the error O0.d0(1) :slight_smile:

trait T0 {
  inline def d0(x: Int): String

object O0 extends T0 {
  inline def d0(x: Int) = x.toString

object Macros {
  import scala.quoted.*

  def doItImpl[O <: T0](o: Expr[O])(using Quotes): Expr[String] = {
    import quotes.reflect.*


  inline def doIt[O <: T0](inline o: O): String = ${ doItImpl('o) }

def main(): Unit = {