Better than Zeppelin Notebook

I am looking for similar notebook to Zeppelin. On which I will be have spark on 2.3.0 or I will be make in simply way to update 2.1.0 or earlier to latest version.

I’m not sure if it has the version that you are looking for, but this Jupyter docker image has been very useful to me in the past. If it doesn’t workf or you, maybe this one will, comes with Spark 2.2 and Scala 2.11, though I’ve never tested it myself.

I’m not sure any of the other notebook options have the same degree of integration/visualization that Zeppelin does. Pretty sure you can load any 2.x version of Spark you want into the jupyter-scala kernel.

Ok, Thanks for your comment. I still use Zeppelin 0.7.3 with 2.1.0 but better for me use 2.3.0 (it’s not necessary, but I would be made easier my work).

I have secound question:

Do you know how change limits to show result when I used SQL Querries.!