Best proxy for Scala Development for hardware benchmarking

So for me Scala development is my highest consideration when purchasing desktop and laptop computer hardware. Unfortunately Scala development is generally not included in the productivity suite of hardware bench-marking. Can we assume that the C compiler bench marks are the closest proxies? I generally work in IntelliJ.

There is no longer (if there ever was) a best CPU. Depending on the application, can favour more cores, more e-cores, higher clocks, more cache, or 512 vector extensions. In particular I was surprised to see that the extra 3D cache for AMD didn’t seem to help for C compiling, although it does in most AAA games. Is this likely to be the case in real world use Scala development?

What about memory? Getting sufficient memory should be straight forward unless we are very price constrained, but should we prioritise bandwidth or latency?

From my experience using IntelliJ on an LG Gram 17" 8GB isn’t enough memory.

IntelliJ definitely uses multiple cores, so the more cores the better, up to around 8 where the benefits tail off. I would suggest that improving SSD performance is will probably make one of the biggest differences.

For work I use a MacBook M1 Pro Max with 64gb of RAM and, as you might imagine, performance is excellent. However, it weighs a tonne compared to the LG Gram - one of these with 16GB of RAM would make an excellent, lightweight development laptop with a great screen resolution and size.

Regards, Mark