Beginner friendly code base

Hi all,

A long time Java developer here, trying to make the leap to the FP/Scala land and I was wondering if anyone can recommend an open source Scala project(s?) clear enough for beginners to read and look at … Maybe even contribute to?

Also is anyone interested in mentoring?


I like this list of projects:


Thanks @ALane I might actually use one of those … Two birds with one stone :slight_smile:

Hello. I would like to join the question. I’m new to scala, come from C++/Erlang.
Can you please recommend an open-source project (not a library, not a Play application) from which I can catch the good practice of project organization, dependency injection and other stuff.
Thank you.

Nearly all open source projects out there are libraries and tools, only very few are ordinary applications.

High-level concerns like project organization and dependency injection tend to be idiosyncratic to particular problem domains, particular frameworks such as Play, and to particular shops.

I don’t like to see a request for help go un-responded-to, but I also don’t know anything to suggest that meets your constraints.

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Apache spark is a good example. It is a large and complex code base but you can read a fairly self contained part like rdd or scheduler