Any way to subscribe to the official Scala blog via email?

Is there a way to subscribe and get email messages on new posts on the official blog? If not, that would be extremely helpful :slight_smile:

relevant: , awaiting an interested volunteer

other than that, perhaps there is an answer to your question that works for any Twitter account, and would work for as well? we never blog without also tweeting it

I’m not really on Twitter, and many developers I know are not on it as well. I feel like emails are the simplest way to subscribe to a blog, and I believe it’s quite easy to implement; I mean, isn’t it a basic feature on any blogging platform?

It isn’t a basic feature of Jekyll, which is what we use. I don’t agree that it’s easy to implement; mass mailing is hard, which is why people outsource it to MailChimp and Constant Contact and so forth.

Some email clients e.g. Thunderbird (and I think Outlook) can subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds, maybe you can set up yours to do that?

Funny, I’m planning on starting a blog and one of the main reasons I decided to not go with Jekyll / GatsbyJS is the lack of builtin support for comments and newsletter. This is obviously an innate characteristic of static site generators; i.e, not having any a DB (aka dynamic content).

Well, by “easy” I meant that there are solutions out there (with a cost, true). I believe it’s good to examine whether it is worth to pay for these services. I can’t say how many (active) subscribers this blog would have, but given that there are about 1-2 posts on the blog per month, perhaps the cost wouldn’t be all that huge.

Take for example the Scala developers survey. I didn’t know about it, and I believe many other Scala developers didn’t know about it either, thus perhaps causing quite a significant selection-bias which makes it harder to conclude valuable insights on the future of Scala’a development. An email would likely had drawn many more developers to take the survey. It’s no wonder that StackOverflow send an email with an invitation to take their developer survey.

Also, RSS-to-Mail services exist, if your client does not support RSS or if you simply prefer mail.

But there are only feeds for two of the sections of the blog, “News” and “Blog”, while “Announcement” and “All” are missing (also, “All” contains not only the posts of all three other, but also some which are in neither of the subsections, e.g. the currently newest post about the community build).

gah. well, I opened on it, and also commented about it on