Any news on "Advanced Programming in Scala"?

I am reading “Programming in Scala” 5th Edition by Odersky, Spoon, Venners, Sommers and I am on Chapter 15. There are so many references to another book “Advanced Programming in Scala” promising further details on the subjects I just learned, which sounds really exciting. It’s probably not finished yet, I guess? I assume it would also be published by Artima. Any news on when it might become available? No info on Artima website.


Yes, it is in progress. We’ll be releasing a PrePrint soon. Sorry for the long delay between them.


No problem, thanks Bill! (I also sent some Errata for the 5th edition, I hope you got it OK.)

I think breaking it in to two books was a really good idea. I think it would be good if “Programming in Scala” became the base line for all advanced Scala books, so they didn’t have to keep repeating the same stuff over and over.


Define “soon”. :slight_smile:


I would also be interested is reading this when it becomes available …

That was January and today, finishing May, no preprint at all.

The reality: Programming in Scala, Fifth Edition has more or less the same price as the fourth edition but half the content.

I’m sorry to be this harsh, because I’m sure this situation is not the one you want, but I feel very disappointed by it.

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