Answers to the Red Book: Functional Programming in Scala

One thing I dislike about the Red book (Functional Programming in Scala /Chiusano is that it is missing most of the answers to the exercises. They are of course available on line, but that’s not so nice for casual reading, such as on public transit. Recently I’ve discovered the answers (plus lots more) are available in book form. The Blue book.

I wonder whether the intent is to always have two different books (Red and Blue), or whether there will be a single volume that contains both sets of information, perhaps a Magenta book?

The MIT license of the book of course allows me to print out the book, but I’d actually happily pay for a nice combined copy with everything included.

Apparently the book is available in Kindle format for 4 euros and a few cents. Not a bad solution, to stick the kindle in my pack when on public transit. Certainly a cheaper option than the cost of the printer cartridges for printing 128 pages.