Announcing sconfig 1.6.0 (Scala HOCON config library)

Happy to announce a new version, 1.6.0.

Scala.js and Scala Native now support and significantly more tests (154 to 318, JVM has 532). The last major feature to add is Scala Native support to read files and embedded resources. Around 12 fixes from the original library have not been ported if someone wants to help out. Port all non documentation commits from typesafe/config · Issue #29 · ekrich/sconfig · GitHub

Scala.js released 1.15.0 which includes the new

This library was originally ported to Scala so we could have a native version of scalafmt but that has never made it to the finish gate. If any one has the time and inclination to take this PR and make it into a smaller set of PRs that would be super great and you would be my hero.

Thanks and have a Happy New Year!