Announcing Scalastyle 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 of Scalastyle has been released:

Release Notes

It is available through the usual channels:

sbt 0.13 / 1.0 plugin
Command line
Maven Plugin
Eclipse plugin (Luna and later)

New rules:


  • Support for sbt 1.0
  • #65: Add a new “failOnWarning” parameter - fail if there are scalastyle warnings, not just on error
  • Fix: #47 scalastyleSources does not include all unmanaged sources by default

Additions / bugfixes:

  • Fix: #265 Fixes for destructuring in FieldNamesChecker
  • Fix: #266 ScalaDocChecker indentStyle & ignoreOverride documentation inaccurate

Have fun,

Matthew Farwell.