Announcing Scala.js 1.5.0

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the release of Scala.js 1.5.0!

This is mostly a bugfix release, including fixes for some important bugs related to dynamic module loading, which was introduced in 1.4.0.

The main non-bug fix improvement is the introduction of custom JS function types. It is now possible to declare custom subtraits of js.Function with arbitrary apply signatures. Notably, this allows to declare types for JS functions with varargs.

Scala.js 1.5.0 adds support for the imminent Scala 2.13.5. Previous versions of Scala.js, including Scala.js 0.6.x, will not work with Scala 2.13.5+.

Finally, due to the announcement by JFrog to discontinue Bintray, we are now publishing the sbt-scalajs sbt plugin to Maven Central, like all our other artifacts. Discussions are in progress with key actors of the Scala ecosystem about how to preserve all the previously published sbt plugins (sbt-scalajs being just one of many).

Read the announcement on the Web for more details: