Announcing enum-extensions 0.1.1

Hello, I have published a very simple library: enum-extensions, which provides EnumMirror[E], a type class that reflects a Scala 3 enumeration type E.

At the base level the intention is to reflect all the abilities of the companion object, but it also provides exception-free lookup, cached values, and name/ordinal extension methods to E.

Use cases: defining generic code that works on all enumeration types, decoding cases dynamically (e.g. reading from file/command line), deriving other type classes.

e.g. I can define a “Mode” enum for a command-line app, and derive a FromString type class for use with @main methods:

import enumextensions.EnumMirror
import scala.util.CommandLineParser

enum Mode derives EnumMirror:
  case r, rw // read, readwrite

given [E](using EnumMirror[E]): CommandLineParser.FromString[E] =

@main def cliApp(mode: Mode) =
  if mode == Mode.r then println("read mode")
  else if mode == then println("readwrite mode")

I’m looking for more suggestions of utilities that would be useful to include.