Annoucing Scalastyle 0.9.0

Version 0.9.0 of Scalastyle has been released: Release Notes. It is available through the usual channels:

sbt 0.13 plugin
Command line
Maven Plugin
Eclipse plugin

New rules:

PackageNamesChecker - check package names against a regular expression
EmptyInterpolatedStringChecker - check for empty string interpolations
NoWhitespaceBeforeRightBracketChecker - check for whitespace before right brackets
MethodArgumentNamesChecker - check method arguments against a reguilar expression
OverrideJavaChecker - Check for use of java Override annotation
NamedArgumentChecker - Checks that argument literals are named

Additions / bugfixes:

Supports scala 2.12
Fix: #260 - Not all interpolation types require variables
Fix: #199 and #255 FieldNamesChecker desctructuring and object fields
Fix: #253 Enforce ScalaDoc indentation
Fix: #224 ScalaDocChecker supports comments inheritance
Fix: #225 ScalaDocChecker takes into account valid constrained type parameter declarations
Fix: #217 Add a CyclomaticComplexityChecker option to ignore “case” keyword
Add parameter ignoreComments to MethodLengthChecker
Fix: #204 NullChecker option to tolerate comparisons with null
Fix: #236 ImportsChecker: allow actual lexicographic sorting
Fix: #234 Add “exceptions” param for UnderscoreImportChecker
Merge pull request #153 classParamIndentSize in indentation checker
BUGFIX Class and Object name check entire name
Fix: #201 ScalaDocChecker: Add ignoreTokenTypes option
Fix: #220 Add “ignoreRegex” param for UnderscoreImportChecker
Fix: #194 Fix indentation check for classes where invocation is mistaken for a parameter list
option to ignore entire lines of whitespace for WhitespaceEndOfLineChecker
Improvements in error messages


Fix: #45 Fix scalastyleConfig in multi-project builds
Fix: #52 Upgrade to AutoPlugin
Add a new “silent” parameter - suppress logging of results to the sbt log

Have fun,

Matthew Farwell.

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