Advent of Code in the Scala Community

Advent of Code (AoC) is a fun online event in which programmers can challenge themselves with small programming puzzles.

At the Scala Center, we want to use this opportunity to encourage programmers, no matter their experience, to progress in Scala by solving AoC puzzles. Our mission is to provide you with support by sharing our solutions in detailed blog posts and by gathering other solutions from our community.

Head over our website, where you can already find:

  • 6 solutions and blogposts

  • 434 lines of Scala 3 code

  • 14 solutions from the Scala community

How you can participate

1. Sign up on

2. Get your hands on AoC puzzles

A new puzzle is released every day on There you will find all the problem descriptions and input to test your programs.

You can start with the puzzle of the day or any previous day. Most of the puzzles are independent and it is never too late to start solving old ones.

3. Read Scala Center’s solution

The Scala Center team is taking the challenge to solve AoC puzzles.

Once we have a solution, we publish it on this website along with a short blog post that explains our reasoning: how we understand the description, how we model the problem, how we implement the solution using the Scala standard library.

We hope our explanation will help you grow your Scala knowledge and improve your programming skills.

4. Read other solutions from the community

Every puzzle has infinitely many possible solutions.

You can have a deeper understanding of the problem and learn more about Scala by reading other solutions from the community.

5. Share your solution

This is the most important part for us because your solution will inspire us and other Scala programmers.

Share it proudly by clicking on the Edit this page button you can find at the bottom of each solution page.