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Looking for example code for functions returning List[Char] .
I’m new to this site (and more importantly Scala!) … Any tips?



Like this?

val fun1: Int => List[Char] = n => List.fill(n)(‘a’)

 Best, Oliver


Hi Oliver,
Thanks for that and for getting back so quickly. That (your) function worked for me…

Yes, I have the following in the main function:

val empty = ListChar;
val full = List(‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’);

println(empty.isEmpty); //this prints true (correct)

println(getToNext(full)); // this prints List(‘b’) (correct)

println(“checking is empty umm empty :” + empty.isEmpty); // this prints true(correct)
println(getToNext(empty)); // This prints List(‘b’) (INCORRECT)

def getToNext(chars:List[Char]): List[Char]=
// println(chars.isEmpty)
if (chars.isEmpty)
// if (!chars.isEmpty) chars.tail
Not sure if this is clear. But help appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Oliver,
Apologies - I found where the problem was… I did not have an else in the getNext function … so the (implicit) return does not terminate the function as in Java…
Thanks …