Why Scala, Why do you recommend it?


thanks for the answers what frameworks there are on Scala 3 today? And what are the successful cases?


an aside on version numbers:

Scala 3 doesn’t exist yet. There is a compiler called Dotty that is slated to become the Scala 3 compiler, but nobody is using it in production yet. Well maybe not nobody, but 1% or less of the community, perhaps 0%.

The current stable version of Scala is Scala 2.12. There will be a Scala 2.13 and a Scala 2.14 before Scala 3 comes out, so it’ll be a while yet.



I like Scala because it combines many nice features:

  • Strong static typing

  • The ability to ability to create classes, traits, extend them and combine different traits (aka OO)

  • Part of Java ecosystem, i.e. runs on JVM, tons of Java libraries and other Java tools (e.g. Tomcat)

  • Ability to call methods +, -, *, / etc (i.e. readable math expressions with user-types)

  • Uniform access, i.e. a.x = b.y, where x and y may or may not be fields

  • Lambdas and methods like map, flatMap, filter, exists, etc. (FP light, if you will)

  • Support for covariant and contravariant types

  • Pattern matching

  • Case classes

  • Implicit classes and conversions

  • Type inference

There are other features which I like to use sometimes, but could easily live without, such as path-dependent types and implicit parameters.

While most of my fields are vals, I do not aspire to eliminate all vars. I use recursion where it appears a natural fit, for example when traversing tree structures or when dealing with recursively defined functions (which happens rarely). I would not use recursion to calculate the Fibonacci series. I therefore only very rarely have the need for tail recursion optimization.

Best, Oliver


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First, this should be a “Why Scala”, not a “Why Scala for Automatic Driving/Flight” or “Why Automatic Driving/Flight” thread. Even OP got off-track, so, wow.

Second, I use Scala because:

  • In comparison to Java, it develops much, much faster. Cannot compare it to Python though (maybe similar speed there?).
  • An expressive type system. With typelevel, even more is added (literal types) when needed.
  • For me, an easy learning curve, coming from Java.
  • Close correlation with a build system (sbt) makes it a breeze to set up and configure a project, and extend it through plugins.
  • The open community, meaning a big amount of libraries, but also easily accessible forks of the language (looking at typelevel).
  • Openness of the development lead to ScalaJS and Scala Native as additional compiler backends. I even feel motivated to look into creating a .NET one as a side project of my studies!
  • Interoperability with any existing JVM library or project is also a big plus.
  • sbt, while not Scala-only, is also a big plus for me on its own. I really, really like sbt.