What are some of the advantages of using Scala over rust , C++ and other native languages?


IIRC future releases of Scala 2.x will be getting closer to what Dotty represents to ease the migration.

Claim that reification makes things easier is also unsubstantiated. If you really want to have a single method that works for two types of lists then you can use typeclasses, like here: http://spray.io/blog/2012-12-13-the-magnet-pattern/

Is there something useful you can do in C++ using templates, but you can’t do in Scala using implicits?


Truly so. And, I am not about to substantiate that because I never claimed it in the first place. :slight_smile: I was only rejecting the alleged superiority of the Scala type system over the C++ one in presence of erasure in the former.

There is. But, I’d rather not open that in this thread (on the pluses of Scala over C++ and not vice versa). I might even not open it up on the Scala list either for I’m not sure this is the right place.

But, if you’re really interested, there are periods in my history on the old Scala mailing list when I pick that up when the occasion shows up itself. The Scala community doesn’t seem to be ready to learn from that and I have given it up.


Well, it would be nice to see a specific example of what you’re not able to do in Scala because of erasure. Hopefully on the simpler side. We know there are plenty of type-level tricks that are possible in C++ but in my Scala experience problems with erasure are usually a sign that a redesign would help.