Visiting Amsterdam (21st-24th) and Berlin (25th-27th), coffee anyone?

Hey All,

I’m the CTO of a company that’s using Scala to build a business selling fertilizer and seed to rural Kenyan farmers. I’m going to be in Amsterdam for a conference and I thought I would try and meet up with some scalaists in Amsterdam/Berlin.

We’re thinking about opening an office in Amsterdam/Scala and I’d really love to meet anyone who’s around and interested in meeting up. If you want to get coffee, you can either reply here or message me at

~Earl St Sauver

Oh! Cool :slight_smile:

I won’t be there. But if no one comes forward on the Scala Users list, another good place to go to find Scala folks to meet up with would be the Scala Amsterdam meetup group. They’re very active! The Scala meetup groups in Berlin are also very active.

If no one from either of those communities responds to this thread, perhaps go join the Amsterdam/Berlin meetup groups’ pages and post in those groups?

Hey Heather!

Joost at the Amsterdam Scala group is trying to setup a meetup for while
I’ll be there, but is still trying to find a venue. I’ll reach out to the
Berlin Scala group as well. :slight_smile:

~Earl St Sauver