Unable to import moa.classifiers.lazy.kNN

Hi All,

does anybody know how can I import moa.classifiers.lazy.kNN calassifier in scala? I want to import methods from MOA - Massive Online Analysis to scala.
I am new to scala and if I understand it correctly ‘lazy’ is a predefined keyword, but I couldnt find any workaround for this.
Note: Everything else I tried to import, didn’t have any issues:

scala> import moa.classifiers.trees.HoeffdingTree
import moa.classifiers.trees.HoeffdingTree

scala> import moa.classifiers.lazy.kNN
:1: error: identifier expected but ‘lazy’ found.
import moa.classifiers.lazy.kNN

Any keyword, including lazy, can be escaped using back-ticks. Try

 import moa.classifiers.`lazy`.kNN


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