Tracing libraries for scala 2.13

Are there open tracing libraries that fit into Scala really well and work with Scala 2.13 and is idiomatic? I came across this but this does not seem to have the library published for Scala 2.13.

Are you sure it isn’t available for 2.13? includes 2.13, and I don’t see an open ticket requesting 2.13 support.

You are right, the version 2.4.1 includes 2.13. Their Github readme contains an older version which does not have 2.13. I got confused because of that.

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I opened


There is this if you’re doing pure-functional style. It’s pretty minimal but people are using it successfully so :woman_shrugging:.


This is cool. I will try this out. And it also has an integration with jaegar, which is something that I am looking for. thank you.