Should `? ? ?` abort a test suite, or simply mark a test as failed

It is my memory that back in the scala 2.11 days, I could test code containing ??? it the tests would simply fail, but the successive tests would continue. Now, it seems once the tester encounters ??? the entire test suite aborts.

Is that intended behavior?
It seems like undesired behavior to me.

That doesn’t match my experience. How would I reproduce the problem on my own computer? Perhaps it depends on what test framework and version you’re using, and perhaps the sbt version.

Note that ??? is defined as follows; it isn’t handled by specially by the compiler.

def ??? : Nothing = throw new NotImplementedError

hey, that’s good to know that it depends. So Seth, you agree that it should not halt the testing, but it should simply mark the test as failed?

If so I’ll try to make a smaller test case. In doing so I might just discover the problem at my end.

I suspect that ??? is being called during the initialization of your test class instead during an actual test. Or perhaps in a before or after code block.

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yes, thanks for the comment.
We talked about this in discord. I just moved the discussion here as it was getting complicated. And now, I can debug it slowly, and perhaps leave a clue for the next person who has the same issue.