Scala Pride T-Shirts for Charity (Fundraiser–1 week left!)


Priests have already been fired over that. Doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem to me.


I do not understand nor see the logic in your post? Would you have it that in our so-called civilized world people should do whatever they please? Sadly, I have a feeling that things would take a deep dive into some type of reality similar to that found in the novel, Lord of the flies. Of course it could go the other way … its a coin toss probably , sadly. As a side note, this posting about the Tee Shirt has given me the bright idea of having a tee shirt made for myself Displaying something to the effect: DUMP TRUMP and blah blah blah something or other.:crazy_face:


For me the marriage issue is not about pride, but cold hard cash. As an unmarried person, I deeply resent the massive tax advantages, particularly in inheritance tax that married people have over me. The financial privileges of marriages make significant contribution to the widening inequality that we see across the western world.


Ok, so while I have many opinions on this subject, I think we can agree this is not Scala-related. Can or be moved to a more on-topic venue?

Brian Maso


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