Scala 3 release date

When is Scala 3 expected to be released? I googled for it, but all I see on it is old material from a year or two ago.

Also, how reliable and stable is Dotty at this point? If I try to convert some of my code, will I have to spend a lot of time dealing with compiler bugs and/or revising my code as concepts evolve? Thanks.

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In his talk about it at Scala Love the other week, Martin said that he’s still hoping for release by the end of this year. There’s a great deal to do before then – personally, I’ve been assuming we’d have a release candidate by then – but it’s plausible if things go well.

A little hard to say. From what I’m seeing (as an observer, not a member of the team), it looks like folks are still hitting some occasional bugs, and some things are still changing, but more at the power-feature level than the core of the stuff one would typically use. Most of it has gotten at least an initial thumbs-up from the committee, so it’s starting to settle down.

My general impression is that starting to convert application code is probably reasonable, converting ordinary libraries should probably be prepared for a bit of churn, and converting really powerful meta-programming-y stuff should be done with an understanding that there’s still some flux happening at the edges.

The biggest open question right now is probably the optional-braces thing. Martin is very passionate about it, so I would say it’s fairly likely to go in, but it’s probably the riskiest broadly-applicable feature to count on quite yet.


There is also the blog post “Scala 2 Roadmap Update: the Road to Scala 3” from December. It also mentions a release candidate for the end of the year. But of course the Sala Love talk is more recent.

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