Scala 3 and JEE annotations

Had a look at Scala 3 and really like it. To me the best thought out Scala ever. The new approach towards implicit conversions resolve my last concerns.

At work we are allowed to use Kotlin besides Java. This works quite well, because some people are much into Spring which relies heavily on annotations and Kotlin gets along with them well. JEE annotations, Spring annotations are not easy in Scala, because Scala does not take an integration effort there.

I’m not very fund of byte code generation in Spring and kind of misusing annotations and all that. But in the world of enterprise applications you have often no choice than to accept that stuff and move on. At the moment for the place I work and many other enterprise applications shops it is therefore either Java or Kotlin or maybe Groovy.

Much question is therefore whether making use of JEE annotations and annotations of other Java libraries will be easier in Scala 3, whether there will be some support for them.

Which specific annotations are not working in which context? Annotations in general just work in Scala, also the JEE ones. I used Spring with Scala once and most of it just worked.