Sbt dependency when scala version differs

In the situation when the scala version of our project is not amongst the scala versions for which another project we depend upon was published on, what are the solutions you envision?
Here are 2 possibilities I see, one practical and one theoretical:

  • publish the dependency ourselves in a private repo with the scala version we need
  • depend on source level (I don’t know if this concept exists, but since Scala binary incompatibility between versions is more frequent than source level incompatibility between versions, it would be useful to depend on another project “github” and fully compile that project as part of this project)
    Please advise,
    Nicu Marasoiu

publishing the dependency yourself locally is certainly a very common approach here. license permitting, you can even publicly publish it (to e.g. Maven Central) under a different organization id.

re: source dependencies, the feature exists in sbt but is not very well supported, see e.g.