Reflection API giving me the same information as `clojure.reflect/type-reflect`

So using the Modifiers library, here’s what I came up with. Is this what you had in mind, Patrick?

    import java.lang.reflect.Modifier
    def isFinal(cl:Class[_]):Boolean = {
    def isInterface(cl:Class[_]):Boolean = {

Yes. I might use the API directly instead of wrapping it, if it were a one-time usage, or I might more conveniently attach the wrapper(s) to Class via an implicit class if I were using them all over the place, but that’s just subjective choices. The crucial point to me is that the constant mapping is provided by the std lib already and thus shouldn’t be duplicated in custom code.

an isInterface method exists directly on Class, you don’t need to go through the modifiers.

right! I forgot. Thanks.