Question about Scala for Thrift (Scrooge)

Hello everyone,
My post is related to Scala so I try to ask my question here if someone could help me.
I am working with Thrift and I can use it to create microservices with its polyglot feature (server in python and client in cpp, etc.).
As Thrift does not support Scala, I use Scrooge
Does someone have some experience with Scrooge ?
Here are what I tried so far:
In Terminal of IDEA: >sbt scroogeGen then >sbt compile to create Scala codes from hello.thrift.
I got those codes (Client and server) named HelloSvc$FinagleClient.scala and HelloSvc$FinagleService.scala:

I have those sbt file:

My service (hello.thrift) is a very simple one:
service HelloService {
string hello_func()

I found that the generated codes from scrooge are “weird” and “complicated” compared to the ones generated with Thrift.
I understand that this is not maybe a place to discuss this topic but I’m struggling with that.

Thank you