Problem with versions of scala (2.11 and 2.12)


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You mean it compiles with 2.12, but not with 2.11, right?

Your code uses a 2.12 feature, where it automatically casts a function to a type that has a single abstract method, and that feature is not available in 2.11.

For example, a type with a single abstract method would be:

trait MySam {

** def makeBigger(i: Int): Int**


where makeBigger is abstract. To create an anonymous instance of MySam, in Scala 2.11, you would do like this:

val mySam1: MySam = new MySam {

** def makeBigger(i: Int): Int = 10 + i**


In Scala 2.12, there is a shorter notation for this, which is:

val mySam2: MySam = (i: Int) => 10 + i

(it’s actually not just sugar, but the implementation on the JVM side is also special, which is possible since Scala 2.12 targets Java 8, which has special support for types with a single abstract method, also known as lambdas)

You need to rewrite your code to 2.11 style, so it needs to look something like:

def seqAsObjWriter[T](field: String) (implicit format: OWrites[T]): OWrites[Seq[T]] = new OWrites[Seq[T]] { … }