May I request for a new feature?

When I wrote a scala script, such as this simple logic:

$ cat

It can’t be complied by scalac due to no entry func exists:

$ scalac error: expected class or object definition

Is there a way that when I call scalac above, scalac translates the script automatically to the program below:

$ cat MyTest.scala 
object MyTest { // auto enclosed in a object
   def main(args:Array[String]):Unit = { // auto generating a main func



After then I can run the compiling:

$ scalac MyTest.scala 

for example, when calling this syntax:

$ scalac --a-new-option

scalac will try to compile everything in the digital world, even if it’s a bash script.

Thank you.

The Ammonite scripts do just this very well - for a quick run without setup I always use the Ammonite REPL and/or scripts.


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You don’t specify which version of Scala, as the tooling is entirely different for Scala 3.

As shown in my previous answer, for Scala 2

➜  scala -Xscript hi
hello, world!
➜  scalac -Xscript hi

where the arg names the wrapper class.

Scala 3 are still working on feature parity, or perhaps scala-cli will provide solutions.

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Many thanks!

This is pretty cute. I never know this. Thanks.

There is a list of options which I happen to have handy, but it’s hard to know where to start.

I don’t think I’ve ever specified my own -Xsource-reader and the FOMO is killing me.