Lift 3.2.0 has been released

Happy Monday, all!

The Lift Committers are pleased to announce the release of Lift 3.2.0 on January 27th, 2018. This release is immediately available on Maven Central.

This release includes a lot of cool things (seriously, go read the release notes). Thie biggest, however, is that we’ve merged a few PRs that significantly improve Lift’s failover and horizontal scalability story.

As of Lift 3.2.0, developers can lean on built-in Comet Rehydration to recover the state of a running comet when their Lift application restarts. Further, Joe Barnes has been developing a module that adds Jetty clustering support to the framework in the form of lift-cluster. The 3.2.0 release marks the first stable release of the framework that’s fully compatible with the lift-cluster module.

If you’re new to Lift or interested in checking it out, we recommend reading Simply Lift and The Lift Cookbook. The Lift Mailing List is also a good resource for anyone to ask questions or just meet other Lift users. The current README is a good resource for figuring out how to use Lift in your project.

We’re still chugging away under our new release schedule. We’re aiming to release a minor point release of Lift every six months with milestone releases every other month building up to the final release. So far it’s been working out pretty well.

We’ll be releasing the first milestone of the 3.3.0 series on February 1st, and I’ll probably be posting here again in July when we get Lift 3.3.0 final out the door. Please do reply here or reach out if you have any questions!

Matt and the Lift Team

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