Iterate over multiple Arrays, One at a time

I’m trying to split string into 3 arrays and In for loop, take each array at a time iterate a process. But issue here I could not able to consider each array at a time.

> val student_info="""course("studentNumber") :: course("studentName") :: course("UniversityName") :: course("Universitycode") :: course("zipcode") :: course("city") :: course("state") :: course("projectName") :: course("Grade") :: course("Address") :: course("GPA")"""
> val dev2 = student_info.split("::").splitAt(3)
> dev2.getClass
> val res88: Class[_ <: (Array[String], Array[String])] = class scala.Tuple2

After this point, Using for loop, I want to take each individual array at a time and process it . Any Help will be greatly appreciated.

What do you actually want to accomplish? Explain each step you want to implement and its result for the given example input.

For your implementation, don’t chain steps (as in the second line), but assign each step result to a variable and print it. Obviously you don’t end up with three arrays, but with two. Check at which point your approach deviates from the expected result.