Is it possible to set the color for scala shell

I found that the green in scala shell is too shiny compared to the green of ipython when the background is white. I prefer the green of ipython. So I am wondering is it possible to set color for scala shell.

Here’s a screenshot. %spark means scala and %spark.pyspark means ipython

Interesting, is this a website that you are using? I am not aware of it. Which website is it? They probably define the colors.

This is Zeppelin notebook
But actually, Zeppelin didn’t define the color, it just shows the ansi terminal color like the color you see in the terminal.

Here’s the screenshot of spark-shell (scala-shell) & ipython in the terminal with white background,
it seems scala-shell use bright green while ipython use normal green

Is there a scala plugin for VIM on Linux?

Metals Vim | Metals you can see this on the front page of

OK I see. When I use Scala 2 REPL with the -Dscala.color option it also uses brightgreen. Scala 3 REPL uses totally different colors. I think these colors are hard-coded. You would have to manually change your own terminal colors from your terminal settings.