How to create resizable pool router in Akka Typed API?

Hi there,
I am following Akka Typed new Router APIs to create pool router.

I am trying to create a resizable pool router with below application.conf:{
/worker-pool-router {
router = round-robin-pool
resizer {
enable = on
low-bound = 1
upper-bound = 10
pressure-threshold = 1
rampup-rate = 0.25
backoff-threshold = 0.3
backoff-rate = 0.25
messages-per-resize = 10

But I could not find the way to create router from configuration file in new Typed APIs.
I tried below:
val config = ConfigFactory.load()
val pool = Routers.pool(poolSize = 4)(
val router = context.spawn(pool, “worker-pool-router” ,

by mocking from classic router API but the “FromConfig.props(Props[Worker])” got compiling error because here expected while found.

If Typed API of Routers does not support resizable pool router, does that mean I need to use classic Router actor and mix it with my typed actor by leveraging

Can anyone share the experience on How to create resizable pool router in Akka Typed API?

I guess you’ll get feedback quicker if you ask on instead

Hi Tarsa,

Thanks a lot for the redirection.