Hardware for Scala development

So I’m interested in Scala users opinions on current hardware for Scala development. I generally work in Intellij which I presume will increase thread / core utilisation, but I would imagine that unless you’re running substantial other tasks, a 6 or 8 core latest gen AMD / Intel CPU will be quite sufficient in terms of core count.

For a lot of users DDR5 is a waste of money, but the extra memory bandwidth does seem to be significant in compiler benchmarks I’ve seen. Does anyone know if this is the case for the Scala compiler? Similarly what are people’s expectations for the upcoming 5800X3D. is the extra cache likely to be significant for the Scala compiler.

Both my Desktop and Laptop use PCIe Gen 3 SSDs. Has anyone found any noticeable benefit from Gen 4?

I am afraid the answer is as higher as good if you need a fast compilation and running speed.

I think the answer depends on the projects you intend to work on.

I am using a Dell laptop with a quad-core i5-6300HQ CPU (launched in late 2015), 8 GB DDR memory, and 250 GB SSD. Scala 3 compilation is quick and IDEA is running fine. Indexing after loading a project may take some time but I do not restart IDEA often.

This is the project I am working on: https://github.com/informarte/yuck

It’s not a small project but for sure other projects have more complicated code and hence may require more powerful hardware.