For comprehension with HashMap and Option results in confusing error messages


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Well, Option[A].flatMap wants an A => Option[B].

The reason List[A].flatMap accepts an A => Option[B] is that an Option can be implicitly converted into an Iterable, but it doesn’t work the other way round. After all, what kind of Option would List(1, 2, 3) be?


for { a <- List(1); b <- List(2) } yield (a + b) // List(3)

for { a <- Some(1); b <- Some(2) } yield (a + b) // Some(3)

for { a <- List(1); b <- Some(2) } yield (a + b) // List(3)

for { a <- Some(1); b <- List(2) } yield (a + b) // error: found List, expected Option

A possible workaround may be be to convert all your Options into Lists.

Help understanding compiler errors regarding Option and Map

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When you say convert the option to list, do you mean that I should write a function such as the following?

def optionToList[A](o:Option[A]):List[A] = {
  o match {
    case None => Nil
    case Some(a) => List(a)

Or can I do it with some clever flatMap call?


Just Option.toList.