Folding Unfolded

Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit - Haskell and Scala - based on Richard Bird’s fantastic book and on @haskellhutt 's tutorial on the universality and expressiveness of fold


Part 2 of ‘Folding Unfolded - Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit - Haskell and Scala’

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Folding Code Kata

For those who liked ‘Folding Unfolded- Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit -Haskell and Scala’

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Part 3 is here.

Develop the correct intuitions of what fold left and fold right actually do, and how different these two functions are.
Learn other important concepts about folding, thus reinforcing and expanding on the material seen in parts 1 and 2.
Includes a brief introduction to (or refresher of) asymptotic analysis and 𝛩-notation.


Part 4 is here:

The Functional Programming Triad of Folding, Scanning and Iteration - a first example in Scala and Haskell

Part 5 is here:

Gain a deeper understanding of why right folds over very large and infinite lists are sometimes possible in Haskell

See how lazy evaluation and function strictness affect left and right folds in Haskell

Learn when an ordinary left fold results in a space leak and how to avoid it using a strict left fold

(download for best quality images)

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