Does String have a include method

for instance:

scala> "hello world".include("^hello")

It accepts a regex and returns true for this case.
I know there is matches but it must accept the full matching regex.


Using the methods of the String class that accept a pattern as a String is not really efficient, since every time you call that method, it has to parse and compile the regex.

There is a convenience class in Scala which you should use:

import scala.util.matching._

val r1 = "hello".r // this regex is automatically anchored (enclosed in ^ and $) !
val r2 = "^hello".r.unanchored // this is not

if (r2.matches("hello, world")) {
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hello, scala 2.12.15 doesn’t work with your code.
do you mean scala 2.13 version?

They added matches at some point. You could always just pattern match, as shown in the scaladoc.

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It is possible to click for “other versions” on the main page and find

They don’t change API during point releases.