- online tool for writing Scala functions as http services

An Online tool for writing Scala functions as http services. Allows for writing, compiling, deploying, sharing & executing functions in-browser.


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Quite intriguing, but the website’s not working correctly for me – the menu bar on the left is overlapping the main page, so it’s hard to read.

This should be fixed now. Can you please try again ? It will probably need a cleared browser cache to fetch the new static web files.

I too am intrigued… but I can’t find a lot of documentation about what its intended use-case is. Is this a demo project, or a lead-up to something in large-scale production?

Brian Maso

Working now, but I agree with @bmaso – it would be helpful if your documentation talking more about what this might be useful for…

Got: this.loginWithGitHub() //Error: GitHub did not return your email. Please check if your email is private.
So can’t use.

Gotcha. No worries I will add a documentation page on it’s use-cases. In short, along with open-sourcing our code, it’s somewhere we can deploy the code and easily make it executable to run it as a service. Functions as a service

@bmaso, this is the very first version. Its runs a small raft cluster (for backup). It won’t scale to large-scale production but it’s a start :slight_smile:

@bentito - I didn’t think very many of us would have our emails private on GitHub, that’s why the login i returning an error. I will change the login to not be dependant on email and will let you know :slight_smile:

@bentito doesn’t require email anymore. Your login should work now. Please let me know how you go.


Cool. Works now. Will play around a bit more later, but was able to clone and make update to cloned code.

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Looks cool. Will give it a try by the end of this week.

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