CRUD mysql use scala SBT


My name is aris, I’m beginner in scala. I want to ask. How I can create CRUD Mysql use scala? I can just make a connection from mysql with scala. Thank you


I’ve found the anorm library and examples to be useful and helpful for this:


Thank you very much for this information. I’ll try this library and example.


Slick is another option


I also use Squeryl – nothing against other suggestions, just something I’ve had good success with.

Brian Maso


Nobody said doobie. Is there a list of sanctioned alternatives somewhere that includes doobie?


Yes, I also read about slick. I will try it too. Thank you


I just found out about this. it’s really help me. Thank you


I not see query in dobie use mysql. can you give me resource?


You can try JOOQ. I found it much easier to use than i.e. Slick, especially for a beginner.


Yes, Jooq is a good choice!


Thankyou, i will try it too.