Constructing class with type parameters inside macro

Based on the example here I trying to create a macro that will create an instance of a class. The minimized code is

package test

import scala.quoted._

object TypeConstructor {
  inline def creator[V, F]: V => F = ${impl[V, F]}
  private def impl[V: Type, F: Type](using q: Quotes): Expr[V => F] = {
    import q.reflect._

    val fTpr = TypeRepr.of[F]
    val ctor = fTpr.typeSymbol.primaryConstructor
    def VToF(in: Expr[V]): Expr[F] =

    '{ (v: V) => ${ VToF('v) } }

This seems to work fine, except when used together with an F that has a type parameter. For example

package test

object Test {
  case class A[T](a: T)
  val creatorA = TypeConstructor.creator[String, A[String]]

fails to compile with

-- Error: construct_scala3_test.scala:5:17 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5 |  val creatorA = TypeConstructor.creator[String, A[String]]
  |                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  |                 constructor A in class A does not take parameters
1 error found

To me it not clear how I should tweak the macro code such that it also works correctly for types with type parameters?