Buying a machine for Scala developement

I’m considering buying a new laptop, currently got an 2 core 4 thread I5 laptop with Sata Ssd. The main task is Scala development, under Mill, sbt Eclipse, InteliJ possibly other editors. Currently I often run sbt / mill independently on rebuild while editing in Eclipse / InteliJ. I’m expecting to use it for the next 3 years, presumably core and memory utilisation will increase going forward.

I’m probably going to go for an i7, doesn’t seem an advantage to the 2700x.

Ram prices are still high although past their peak. Is 16Gig enough RAM, is 32 Gig just a waste?
Do PCIe Ssds offer any significant real world advantage over SATA 3.

About a year ago I bought Lenovo ideapad Y700. It’s a gaming laptop, but even if you want to use it solely for Scala, it’s pretty solid. Intel Core i7-6700HQ, 4 x 2.6GHz. Usually it comes with 16GB RAM, but I decided to get 8GB and an SSD drive instead, and that works for me pretty well too.
Oh, and there are two sizes: 15 and 17 inches. I have the bigger one. It’s a bit difficult to carry around, but more place for stickers :wink: