Announcing Scala-js-dom v2.0.0

Notably, this is the first release of scala-js-dom publishing for Scala 3.0+! It is also published for Scala 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13 with Scala.js 1.5+.

This release is binary-incompatible with the scala-js-dom v1.x series. However, we strived to keep v2.0.0 source compatible to a great extent with v1.2.0 so upgrading will be straightforward for many projects (see the migration guide). Since this is a major version bump, we are looking to the community for your help to propagate this update through the ecosystem of libraries.

Special thanks to @japgolly and @sjrd for architecting and executing several (tedious!) cleanups that we hope will make scala-js-dom more pleasant to use and contribute to going forward. We are also thankful to our community contributors to this release for bravely opening PRs despite the significant churn as we put together 2.0.0! Now that things have stabilized, we look forward to many more PRs from you. Check out the contributing guide and help-wanted issues.

Please see the release notes for a migration guide, changelist, and credits.