Announcing MiMa 0.4.0

I’m happy to announce version 0.4.0 of MiMa, the migration-manager you can use to check for binary compatibility issues in your library.

For an overview of the changes in this release see

The mima 0.4.0 sbt plugin is only available for sbt 1.x. We encourage you to update to sbt 1.x, and until that time use keep using mima 0.3.0.

Notably, this release introduces a new problem type, the IncompatibleSignatureProblem (#40). This problem is reported when a method’s erased signature has remained the same, but its full signature has changed. Such a change is not necessarily binary incompatible, but typically worthwhile to manually investigate and explicitly confirm. You can exclude all such problems with a ProblemFilters.exclude[IncompatibleSignatureProblem]("*") .

This release also fixes a problem where IncompatibleResultTypeProblem instances were missed. This means when performing this upgrade new filters for old (but previously undetected) incompatibilities may have to be added.

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